Tuesday, January 3, 2012

rome in Dec and walking route

villa borghese one of the smaller ponds

water clock which works! from late 1800's

villa borghese which is filled with busts

villa borghese duck/boating pond

european duck, relatively rare

palms and pampas grass, villa borghese

carabinieri on patrol in park
greek temple on the duck pond
a roman street scene

the green, white (which looks blue in photo) and red of the italian flag all draped out down the via del corso. the italians continue to celebrate their 150 years of existence as a unified country.

St Peter's as seen from Villa Borghese in day

St Peter's at dusk from Villa Borghese
On my normal walking route I took a few photos. Park was very quiet over the holidays so made for lovely walks. The other photos are a few of Rome's Christmas lights. More to come..

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  1. Always loved the Christmas star street lights :) Very lovely. The water clock sounds very cool. Beautiful photos :)