Tuesday, January 24, 2012

the dentist and the vatican Jan 2012

fountain in piazza san pietro

large nativity in piazza san pietro

Swiss Guard at entrance to building

a very empty Saint Peter's basilica

Michelangelo's lovely pieta' inside St. Peter's

Pope John Paul II's grave which was moved from the underground floor to the  main floor of the Vatican once he was beatified

nativity inside the church. the Vatican can never have too many nativities (presepios) 
Swiss Guard on side of Vatican

 A very empty piazza San Pietro, one can only see this in January

the outside Nativity with the Christmas tree in the piazza at dusk

A visit to the dentist forces me to cross the tiber river and arrive on the Vatican side of  the river. Every year, at some point during the Christmas season, I wander over to St Peter's and see the latest Nativity scene and the huge tree.  This year's tree was a gift from the Ukraine. The good thing is that the tree and the Nativity remain up way longer than most of the church nativity scenes in the city.  There is no rush to get there during the busiest week between Christmas and New Year's. The whole thing comes down on the feast of the Presentation of the Lord which is Feb 2nd. So for all of us who are tardy in taking down our trees and decorations we still have lots of time!

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