Thursday, January 19, 2012

Venetian eating!


one can never have too many desserts!

a smoked "pig" cheese set up at one of the holiday stands in the campo san polo where they had erected an ice skating rink for the holiday season. The pig symbolizes good luck at new year's to the austrians. Perhaps this is  left-over from Austrian days?
one of friday lunch desserts

the Carnival treats are out including the really yummy frittelle alle mele (apple fritters) among other goodies

the more healthy baby artichokes on sale in the market

big bag of welks for sale

fresh sardines, cleaned and ready to eat

fresh squid in its ink, used in many Venetian dishes

tagliolini with fresh crab, one  of our lunch dishes

our fabulous prosecco "Nero" to welcome all of us to Venice and to toast the birthday girl Liesl

two types of scallops, grilled

the wonderfully creative four types of raw fish each paired with a different berry

birthday girl and Boyd

this was even better than it looked; delicious, chocolate souffle with whipped cream and  a raspberry(?) sauce

the lion of San Mark is everywhere

not a typical Venetian scene but it's Venice!
A trip to Venice usually includes a some very good fish meals and we did our best to keep us that tradition. Friday's fish lunch, for the 8 of us, was wonderful at the Antiche Carampane, Friday dinner post panto was at the nearby Oniga restaurant, Saturday we had a fish lunch on Murano and Saturday night was for celebrating the end of the panto as well as Liesl's birthday at our very favorite "Al Fontega del Pescator" with the wonderful owner and host "lolo". I don't think we could have had a better meal. From antipasto to dessert everything was fabulous. We were given "una tavola imperiale" (an imperial table!) by the owner as he knows us well. Such fun!
the famous "orologio" (clock) of raw fish, start at 12 and keep eating!

a Venetian dessert wine with Bussola (compass) cookies,  originally made on the island of Burano. Hard biscuits to dip in wine.

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  1. Wow the fish dishes and crab pasta looks amazing!!!! I like the orologio dish, how cute and creative!! The chocolate souffle also definitely looks delicious.... Looks like a great weekend of good company and food. :)