Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Venetian weekend Jan 2012 Part one - art

first priority on Friday - a fish lunch with great friends

another typical venetian day with bright sun

after lunch a visit to the accademia museum, wooden, stuccoed ceiling in first room

bellini's lovely angels, detail from painting

and there was a lorenzo lotto exhibit, this is part of a triptych, 3 panels from bergamo. all were in exhibit

a lovely lorenzo lotto detail

loved this veiled woman and her dress

and i'm always very favorable to the pretty angels in the annunciation scenes

great veiled woman, which was a tiny detail of a very large painting

the eastern influence and a great camel

what a hat

gorgeous bellini pieta'

in the chapel section of the accademia

giovanni bellini
We treated ourselves to a venetian weekend to visit friends, see the by now world-famous (or least Venetian famous) "panto" directed by our friend Frank and written by the great Laurie. Included in the weekend of course were a few wonderful fish meals, some art and some theatre. More to follow.

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