Thursday, January 19, 2012

"The Panto" Sleeping Beauty, January 2012 Venice

Fairy Cobweb a.k.a Laurie

Fairy Snaggletooth, who was brave enough to walk (with raising funds as the goal) from Piazza San Marco across the Grand Canal to the theatre in his fabulous costume. Costume included a pair of high heeled 60's British boots. 

Cardinal Father Patrizio a.ka Howard

Fairy Bellezza Anna

the crazy Venetians! Gonzo, Pelaratti, Pancione.  A great addition to the show.

famous "blues brothers"

Anna singing Dancing Queen

Director Frank
The reason for making a trip to Venice (as if one needed an excuse) was to see the English Pantomime "Sleeping Beauty" at the Teatro L'Avogaria, written by our friend Laurie and directed by our friend, Frank. A group of ex-pats, as well as a few brave Venetians, get together every two years and put on a "panto" for fun and the monies earned go to a children's charity in India. It is a great evening of singing, dancing and performing and audience participation. All three shows were sold-out and everyone looks forward to the next event in 2014!  Don't miss it!

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  1. Looks really fun!!! Cool costumes. I'm planning to go to the panto of "Puss & Boots" here next weekend. :)