Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Florence in November 2011 (Part one)

shop windows were stunning and everything is white this year-Prada window
more white
popsicles in a chocolate shop
church of santo spirito on a calm day

one never tires of looking at the arno and the ponte vecchio

st francis being given the stimata at La Verna, having just been at La Verna this summer   this was a nice coincidence

joining in Elizabeth's eating part of the trip we had some yummy pumpkin soup for lunch one day near the market area of San Lorenzo

clever louis vuitton window
one of the gorgeous windows of Ferragamo, another is above, the shoe window. Orchards and Ferragamo scarves, such luxury

and we had to buy some shoes. Great shop, good prices and fun designs. We were happy- much happier than going to the shoe store in Todi!
had the pleasure of spending a few days in Florence in early November. Great time to go, as tourists were few and I really enjoyed seeing some of the smaller museums I had never had the chance to see, as one is usually rushing to the accademia, the uffizi, bargello etc.  The eating was another added pleasure, enjoying all new restaurants with Elizabeth the author of the great app "Eat Florence". Lots of fun.


  1. Great photos! Yes, much better shoe shopping than in Todi. Especially since they were actually willing to SELL us the shoes!

  2. How wonderful to hardly be a tourist and go to Florence. As a true tourist one just does not have time to be relaxed as you seem to have been with Elizabeth., And what a bonus to dine with an expert on eating out in Florence. That must have been more tasteful than Prada and Ferragamo combined.
    We are so glad you called. And remember please, if you are too busy to call, don't worry about it. We love to hear from you and to see you, but priorities and energy sometimes may preclude both.
    Love to Scot and you, Fred

  3. The pumpkin soup looks yummy! The LV display is creative and unique lol :) Looks like a fun trip :D