Monday, July 4, 2011

An English weekend celebration of marriage July 1-3, 2011

 Bed and breakfast, The Old Manse, in Colchester where I stayed. Would highly recommend it. Had lots of charm and a good, hearty English breakfast.

Colchester Castle built on Roman ruins using Roman stones. I can't seem to escape those Romans!

Colchester had some lovely old architecture

elephant, monkey and hippo topiaries in Castle Park

the groom a few hours before the celebration

 1925 Family Rolls Royce which was used for  wedding transport, affectionately known as JohnnieCar

charming 12th century church in Fingringhoe on a beautiful sunny Saturday

Daisy and her Dad John

Daisy and Joe

No celebration is complete without Daisy playing her violin, here accompanied by her incredibly talented siblings- sister  Juliet on the violin and brother Orlando on the cello, as well as her aunt, cousin and brother-in-law.

Orlando played a divine Bach solo

Remains of Roman 12th century gate in park in Colchester

another gate into park

The chef/groom preparing the most delicious steak  for a delectable Sunday picnic lunch

I had the wonderful pleasure of going to England for a great celebration of the marriage of my cousin Joe and his British bride Daisy. Wedding celebration took place in Daisy's hometown of Fingringhoe in the charming 12th century church. I stayed in the nearby town of Colchester which was one of the most important towns in England  under the Romans. It had a wonderful castle, a number of very exquisite stone Gothic churches, lovely old stone and wood buildings and a very impressive town hall. The British weather could not have been better.  Sun was shining,  skies were blue and the temperature was just right.  Daisy and Joe's ceremony on Saturday included a fabulous concert by the most talented group of musicians one can ever hope to listen to, all members of Daisy's unbelievably talented family. We were treated to Mozart, Bach, and much more. At any moment there could be 4 of 5 people picking up their violins or cello and producing the most gorgeous music.  It was an honor to be there and was glad I could go to represent Joe's side of the family.

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