Thursday, June 30, 2011

Halls Gap Australia kangaroos and cave art

Binjal and the two dingos -aborigini cave art on edge of grampians park

huge bouldered area where cave art was

boulders were everywhere
Christopher and the kangaroo in center of Halls Gap 
A brief glimpse of mountains in Grampians Park before they disappeared in the rain and the mist
Kangaroo were everywhere

up close

Scott in rain with kangaroo
drove from great ocean drive to the grampians arriving just at dark. Went into the very small town center and saw tons of kangaroo on the town square. They were not afraid of humans and it was easy to pet some of them. we were given lessons from an australian family that was there with their 4 kids who were petting and feeding them. Next morning we had planned to hike some of the great trails in the park but it was a miserable rainy, misty, cold and foggy morning. We visited the aborigini center and then headed out to find the cave art which was a great stop. No one is sure of the age of the painting but  it could go back thousands of years, area it was in was completely covered in HUGE boulders. very impressive.

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