Monday, July 11, 2011

sydney May 24-26th, 2011

fabulous view from our b and b

other view from the b and b, great location in "The Rocks"

harbor bridge visible from almost everywhere; in the clouds

at night

we had the great fortune of watching the opera house change its look as they were practicing for an upcoming light show to be held a few days after we left. They were projecting different images on the sails.  Both nights we were there they did this after midnight which made for a late bedtime.  I couldn't stop taking photos.

the tulip design

Was fabulous to be in Sydney. We arrived on our 25th anniversary, what could be better?  Well, the weather could have been better. We had about an hour of sun upon arrival and another hour of sun just prior to departure, in between was lots of rain, wind, clouds and cool temps but it didn't slow us down. The harbor is even more beautiful than what you see in photos.

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