Monday, June 13, 2011


Some new buildings at the University of Melbourne

and some old

the Student

very pretty part of the campus

oldest part of campus, lovely courtyard, think it was 1840's

more of the campus, biology buildings

lots of lovely victorian architecture around the university

Queens College (at the University) where Christopher stayed during orientation

view across the sports fields
We were given a tour of the Uni by Christopher. Very impressive, nice mix of old and new buildings. Seemed like a fun place to go to school. I loved the swimming pool which I was able to use twice during my trip (would loved to have gone every day).   Was 5 Australian dollars, perfect water temperature, a lane always available, wonderful locker rooms, had glass sides with the sun streaming in on one side and a view of the campus with the trees changing color on the other.  A great place to swim, I'm not used to such  a luxurious pool setting.

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