Monday, June 13, 2011

melbourne zoo and more

 Prefab Iron house (were 3 of them) which were brought from England for the workers and tradespeople during the goldrush era (lates 1800's)

a south melbourne alley, lots of alleys all over

the great Stella (cat) and Goyyo

it truly was fall, tree next to the apartment

christopher and Goyyo

our first sighting of kangaroo (in zoo) little did we know we would see hundreds more
"in the wild"

emu at the zoo

wombats at the zoo

echidina feeding time

the great koalas, so easy to take photos of them since they move very, very little

so many wonderfully colored birds


just the seals and us at the zoo, the keeper took the photo   

The Queen Vic market is closed on Wed so we took tram to south melbourne market to procure food for dinner. We gave the 3 boys and Lynne a break from all the cooking and gladly took on the job of cooking when we were in the house. Made going to the markets more fun. We explored the area around the market, saw the portable iron houses, the huge South Melbourne Town Hall which is a very large Victorian building  restored in recent years when the neighborhood was becoming gentrified and some other very pretty examples of Victorian architecture which now house many artsy stores as well as many people's homes.   One afternoon we took tram to Melbourne Zoo to see the biggies of Australian wildlife up close and personal - the kangaroo, emu, koala, echidna, wombat, platypus (he was reluctant to come out, we try going back about 3 times), and many exotic birds. Fun zoo, very few visitors on a crisp fall late afternoon.


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  1. Wow love all the animals, especially the emu, kookaburra, and koala. :)