Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Saturday Trip to the Terme dei Papi (The Thermal Baths of the Pope's)

first a stop in vetralla to buy olive oil

was great to have your neck massaged when sitting under the fungo (mushroom object toward back of photo)
the baths are huge, very warm and wonderfully relaxing
medievil town of Viterbo
fountain in the piazza della morte

lunch at 'L Richiastro with our first course of a taste of 4 soups, 
dining area or 'L Richiastro

 a great selection of squash resembling birds

the papal palace (1266) in viterbo with its elegant gothic loggia. 4 popes were elected here in the 1200's, including Gregory X whose rules are still followed in the vatican conclaves today
our post bath, relaxed lunch group

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  1. Hey Kip, congratulations on a great blog. We are currently developing an iphone-ipad app for side trips from Rome and we'd love to have permission to use some of your photos, giving you full credit, of course. Please let us know if that would be okay.
    All the best,
    Joie Davidow