Wednesday, October 6, 2010

German National Day Oct 5th, 2010

one of two musical groups playing mozart
 For the past three years we have attended this evening reception.  Two years ago it was a wonderful Octoberfest party with home-made pretzels, beer, om pah,pah bands, lederhosen clad waiters/waitresses and more. Last year was the 20th anniversary celebration of the "fall of the wall" with a fake wall being built down the expanse of the huge beautiful garden and then hammered away by the ambassador. The wall then became a cat walk for a classy fashion show! Again a very nice feast followed. This year it was a "musical reception". In the gorgeous garden two different musical groups were set up, one a 5 piece ensemble with 3 violins and 2 violas and the second group consisted of 2 flutes and an oboe, with both groups playing mozart. Very relaxing on a warm October evening.We again enjoyed our pretzels and Radeberger pilsner as well as dinner. A very good German reisling was served called Flick. we must hunt this down.
a very cool new model of a  very tiny V.W car
 This year Volkswagon sponsored the event and 3 of their cars were on display at the entrance.
room for two, one seat behind the other!

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  1. Very cool VW! Looks like a bobsled on wheels. Is it ecologically correct?