Friday, October 29, 2010

a fun day with Pat and Meghan

Pat, Meghan and I went on a walking tour of santa maria sopra minerva, one of the only neo-gothic churches in Rome. It is filled with treasures by michaelangelo, bernini, fra fillipo lippi, has fra angelico and st catherine of siena's tombs and much more.  Following our lengthly tour of the church we went to the piazza di pietra to see the roman temple of hadrian. After a roman lunch, we passed by a local shop to take in the wonderful smell of chocolates which are made on site. A quick cappuccino break which fortified us to tour the wonderful museum of palazzo massimo, which is filled with roman mosaics, frescoes, statues and more. One of my favorites!  Was so nice to be able to share the city and enjoy the day with Pat and Meghan.  Hope they come back soon.
sunny day with great view of dome of pantheon

facade of church of santa maria sopra minerva with the  bernini designed elephant/obelisque statue

one of many church treasures, the tomb of the 14th century painter Fra Angelico

fra filippo lippi chapel

we had special permission to visit the room where St. Catherine of Siena died. The room was transported to the church in the 16th century.
Roman temple of hadrian

my favorite greek bronze statue exhibited in Rome, the boxer

full seated pose

a well deserved cappuccino and halloween cupcakes

 great to be able to share the day with Pat and Meghan, 

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