Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Austrian and Viennese Gastronomic Festival Oct 19, 2010

The St Regis Grand hotel, in partnership with the Austrian Embassy and two hotels in Vienna, are offering a gastronomic week with afternoon tea and at dinner a special Austrian menu with Austrian wines.  A friend of mine and I treated ourselves to afternoon tea and a sampling of 3 viennese cakes.  We enjoyed- the imperiale torte, (said to have been invented in honor of the emperor Franz Josef I and its recipe is still secret), the apple strudel and the linzertorte. 

The setting - St. Regis Grand Hotel Rome which opened in 1894.

chandelier at the St Regis  and the lovely art nouveau ceiling
Viennese Patisserie Afternoon Tea

strawberry creme and plum cake, two we did not try

Yogurt cake, linzertorte and sacher torte

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