Saturday, September 28, 2013

northern holland

local bakery filled with great breads, cakes, cookies etc

pretty house in town

view from outside our window to the local park

pretty Dutch garden

menorah on the local canal, advertising for the current exhibit of the Dead Sea Scrolls at the  local museum

happy group in search of cappuccino

cute sign

wonderful dutch cheese with cumin

pretty town of assen

day off from the office, awaiting...

wonderful appel gebak mit slagroom to go with our cappuccini

funny little turkish eggplants in the market

and miniature turkish yellow and red peppers

wonderful breads everywhere you look

the flower to buy were spectacular, everywhere and so affordable

liked these lantern things, saw them in market today in Rome too, some kind of dried flower

lots of lovely architecture

homemade DELICIOUS desserts made by our hostess!
great weekend continued with a lovely visit with friends in the Drenthe province of Holland. Relaxing, fabulous food, fun, wonderful friends- what more could one ask for?- perhaps a bit more sun but it was warm and cloudy- not bad!
the happy and hungry group

an amuse bouche (we were served 3 amuse bouche before dinner)

something on a bed of black sesame seeds

wonderful scallop 

a white fish topped with a shrimp

dessert which was 3 desserts really

and to finish the meal some mini cupcakes

Vlindertuin restaurant where we ate, dinner was wonderful. we had 6 courses, including dessert. I believe it was all fish except for a piece of veal which was one of the courses. great place. would go back

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