Friday, September 27, 2013

more of amsterdam (Rijks) and Van Gogh Museum -Sept 20, 2013

Rijksmuseum took it to show how neatly arranged things were with good signs and the rooms were all nicely lit and restored

an old 1600's (I think) cabinet I liked

detail of cabinet,  a simple  annunciation

made of stone, scott and I really liked this little guy

Van Gogh's peach blossoms in the Rijks Museum, obviously photo does not do it justice.

Atrium of Rijks, two buildings were connected

St. Christopher, 1520. German.  I always take photos of Sts. Matthew and Christopher

some early Van Gogh's

another early Van Gogh

This was my favorite Van Gogh, as well as his, apparently. He considered this to be a masterpiece. Everything he wanted to do he felt he had done in this photo. The dimensions, colors, light, depth were all really pretty.

One of Van Gogh's many almond blossom paintings

always calming to look at

gardens leading from Rijks to Van Gogh Museum

back of Rijks with some modern dutch sculpture

I loved Van Gogh's pieces of Japanese art

Van Gogh- lovely dutch scene

another Japanese painting he did

interesting tile in a wall on the leidsegraact street

hard to see but all the blue designs were pretty ceramics

having fun

this was the restaurant with our hotel ( we did not eat here)

had to include a dutch windmill. van gogh
Spent Friday first at Rijks, then a quite lunch and over to the Van Gogh museum. While the Van Gogh museum has gorgeous paintings it's design seems out of date and despite the fact they were controlling the numbers of people going in you always had to be waiting in line to see the art. If you go to either museum you really need to book ahead.

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