Thursday, September 5, 2013

Cinque Terre August 2013- Many Photos

view from our little hotel terrace in Vernazza

looking to the other side from our terrace

view of  upper vernazza, one of the 5 towns in the cinque terre, founded in 1,000 A.D. You can see the lovely terraced vineyards in the back.

the capers were so pretty

Vernazza church of Santa Margherita

pretty church of Santa Margherita d'Antiochia of Vernazza, begun in 1318.


we enjoyed some time at the beach watching the waves and wading in

view towards nightfall from terrace

we had to sample the wonderful  local white wine on the terrace

view of the vernazza to corniglia hiking trail

enjoying the terrace prior to dinner

view of monterosso al mare, the northern most of the 5 towns,  from the restaurant we ate in in Vernazza.
good view of Vernazza which was totally covered by mud in Oct 2011 from a terrible landslide

Vernazza from the trail, our little b and b was on the left hand side of the cliff

every view of the sea is spectacular

trail from Vernazza to Corniglia. One of the few sections of the trails connecting the 5 towns which is open.

Corniglia in sight! Corniglia is the center town of the 5 towns and only one without direct access to the sea.

town of Manarola which you could only reach by boat as trail was still closed from landslide

a very small section of trail was open from Manarola toward Corniglia. Manarola is town in background.

View of Manarola, which is very often the post card view

On boat toward Monterosso

too bad we didn't owe the boat, we fit right in.

Corniglia from the Ligurian Sea

view of one of the upper hill towns on the mountain

nice to have clear water and skies

we hung out soothing our feet in walk in Monterosso for a while

Church facade in Monterosso

Weather isn't always perfect and is often dangerous as they found out in Oct 2011 when the landslide caused damage in the millions of euro. Thankfully the towns have came back quite well.

Early morning Vernazza before the trainloads of tourists arrive

so pretty to see the capers growing everywhere
Two nights and three days in the spectacular Cinque Terre. We had a fun b and b in Vernazza, hiked a nice, long section of the trail, enjoyed our simple lunches and the famous Ligurian pesto and local Cinque Terre wine with our dinners. Lots of tourists but good to see after the disaster they suffered almost two years ago. My first time in Cinque Terre was almost 23 years ago and it hasn't changed much. It is a UNESCO site and gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. No one will be disappointed traveling there.

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