Wednesday, November 2, 2011

work at via napoli-home sweet (?) home.

 Since we returned from Australia in June our building has been encased in scaffolding as the exterior brick and stone work is being cleaned. It is noisy, dirty, endless and the worst has just taken place: the workers are now IN our house. Unfortunately (for us right now) we have many balconies with lots of stone and marble columns whose backsides have to be cleaned. The only way to get to them is from inside our house. We have lost use of our terrace since May, and shortly we will lose use of our kitchen, hopefully for a short time. It is not fun.
sand from the sandblasting on our terrace in sept

more dirt/sand
way too much sand from the blasting on our dining room terrace. workers would just leave this sand until we made a lot of noise about cleaning up. Every step of the way has been a struggle.

every balcony ( and we have 3) plus terrace looks like this, dreadful! This dirt/sand is what will now start entering into our house.

our living room, chandelier covered up, furniture moved out in half of room,  and the rest of the room blocked off with sheeting

dining room, area to left has been constructed so the workers can work inside the house, cleaning the back of the columns and stonework on the balcony
another balcony (my former clothesline), encased in scaffolding 
our building, we have the second floor

side of building where our kitchen faces

front of building

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