Monday, August 8, 2011

Hobart, Tasmania May 2011 - MONA and food

museum had great egyptian pieces (old)

colorful aborigini art (new)

MONA-museum of old and new art, nice setting on the water

tasmania food weekend and cooking demonstration with a well-known chef from Melbourne and Sydney (far right), as well as another dessert chef (middle), originally from Belgium, who has lived in Tasmania for over 20 years

water that was served at the demonstration, was actually tasmanian bottled rain water!

fabulous chocolate dessert that was served along with a delicious lunch
 Back at the museum - Black Madonna with elephant dung. Picture that was banned from a museum in New York City, was displayed calmly in the museum

 a cool exhibit where dripping water would form words. took me a long time to get this shot!

some of the "old" art

 Some of the "new" art: Sydney Nolan's (one of Australia's most famous artists) 1620 individual pieces of art
The MONA is well worth visiting if you find yourself in Hobart. At the time we visited it had just recently opened and thus was free for visitors (due to change), a very good deal indeed. Their collection was full of gorgeous old, very old pieces - Egyptian, Middle Eastern and some very creative contemporary pieces. When entering the museum everyone was given an iphone, you would click on the piece you were viewing and could get either a short or long description of the item. Was a lot of fun.

We also had the good fortune of being in Tasmania during one of their "Savor Tasmania" events. At the invitation of two Tasmanian friends we attended a great cooking demonstration: an oriental salad and a fabulous beef dish were prepared, as well as a delicious chocolate dessert. All products were from Tasmania, accompanied by Tasmanian water and wine. The meal they demonstrated was served to us, delicious.  The beef was amazing, so tender and full of taste. All Tasmanian beef is grass-fed, thus happy cows!   The Tassies are very proud of their products and are well-known for their wonderful produce.


  1. the dessert looks very good

  2. The sculpture in the penultimate photo looks Cycladian -- 3-4,000 BC. It is early 20th Century in its sensibility. The collection at the Met in NYC is my favorite part of the Met.