Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cooling off in the Italian Alps -Dolomites August 2011


our one cloudy day

stunningly beautiful in every direction
mountains above colfosco
grass fed cows!

piccolo cir

piccolo cir, see climbers on right hand side
  another summer trip to the Dolomites in the area of the Alta Badia. Always green, lush, gorgeous, fresh air, cool temperatures, although this year all of Italy was under a very hot spell. Once the sun set the temperatures dropped about 15 degrees centigrade. My favorite spot in Italy.


  1. Seeing these beautiful pictures reminds me of the summer my family spent in Geneva in 1951 when I was twelve. I think it is time to return! I still have my diary I wrote that summer--hiking in the alps, seeing a calf born and riding the trains in the alps. I had never seen mountains before that summer.


  2. Do real, live people actually live in Badia? It and the countryside look too tidy to be real.

    If real people do live there, why doesn't everyone? Like you and Scott and Kris and me?

  3. Looks gorgeous and like a cozy town. :)