Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bruny Island, Tasmania May 2011 (Part 1)

caught the boat in hobart on a sunny, brisk fall day

gorgeous scenery

"breathing" cave, hard to get shot as water hit!

cormorants on cliffs

gorgeous water and beautiful cliffs

seal sighting

more seals looking very regal

and more!
We headed out for a long day on an adventure "cruise" to Bruny Island, the southernmost island in Tasmania; 50 kilometers long and population of 550 people. There is pretty much nothing between Bruny Island and Antartica. Was a long day, nice boat, gourmet lunch on a pretty spot on the island which consisted of Bruny Island oysters (from the "Get Shucked" oyster company), cheeses, wine and fudge. Everything made on the Island. Island consists of North and South Bruny, connected by a very, very narrow strip. South Bruny is a national park with the tallest cliffs in the southern hemisphere. Incredible nature, the rocks go back thousands (millions?) of years and they have a unique type of algae which can go up to 1 meter a day! Everything felt a bit prehistoric. 


  1. love the seals!!!! did you see a tasmanian devil?

  2. Boy, you all really get around to the most interesting places. Thanks for the photos. I don't think we will ever get to Tasmania! Love, Kris
    When do you come to DC?