Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nizwa, Oman

view from hotel  room in muscat with island in the background

goat/sheep/cattle market/auction in nizwa
nizwa market
nizwa souk
nizwa souk, bird market
nizwa goat and sheep market /auction
market was very genuine,busy and serious business
unidentified vegetable in fruit and vegetable souk

you can get both the chicken and the eggs!

lemons, potatoes and date palms

we would have loved to bring one of these trunks home
 ropes in the souk
 jabreen castle
fabulous view from our hotel in muscat
view of hotel pool from our room

view of hotel atrium window looking toward the gulf

Flight from Doha to Muscat is about an hour long. We stayed in muscat and went to the Nizwa friday sheep/goat/cattle market/auction. Animals are walked around in a circle by their owners and the public bids on them. Very lively and lots of animals and people.  We also toured the fruit/veggie, bird, meat, fish and objects market before we headed for further tourism

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