Friday, February 11, 2011

a French affair, Feb 9th, 2011

 farnese family crested china
roman statue in the gran salone (designed by michaelangelo)
roman statue set up in the outdoor courtyard
reception room with a very venetian feel, great statues

view of same reception room

lovely lighting

roman atlas statue, part of farnese collection

farnese collection-Roman statue

venus with cupid -farnese collection
The beautiful Palazzo Farnese (French embassy) has opened its doors to the public, for a limited time, to display (part of) the Farnese collection of art which it has brought together for this occasion. On display are architecture drawings some by michaelangelo, roman busts and other lovely statuary, paintings of the Farnese cardinals and Pope, Paul III, as well as a painting of a family tree. Many of the pieces came from the Archeological Museum in Naples and the Capodimonte naples museum and from museums in Parma (one of the Farnese was the Duc of Parma). Besides the collection you get to see the incredible Carracci frescoed ceiling and other  beautifully frescoed rooms, one of which shows cities that were ruled by the Farnese. The ambassador's spectacular office is also on display, at certain times and has to be the best in town. Overlooks the piazza farnese, is completely frescoed on the walls (1500's?) with a wooden ceiling which looks like a stuccoed ceiling, truly stunning.  We were very lucky to be able to take advantage of this lovely reception.

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