Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doha Day One- the Mathaf and a Yemeni lunch

egyptian cat on boat

boat with over 20 sculptures, made from Egyptian pink and black granite from Aswan, 64 blocks of it.sculptor is Egyptian: Adam Henein.

great statue greeting you at the entrance to the maftah (the modern art museum in doha). in egyptian granite, sculptor was Ismail Fattah an Iraqi. Entrance to museum is in the background with the top of it under scaffolding.

better photo of the "boat" at entrance to museum

a bit of confusion at first!

great warrior statue hidden in the "secret room" of the ship

such yummy and big yemeni bread 

 yemani chicken ogda

grilled hamour fish

we visited the newly opened modern art museum in doha on the edge of education city. The photos are from the outside of the museum. Photos were not allowed inside. the space was nice (had been a french school) and we enjoyed the collection. was well organized into different sections: city scenes, landscapes, family section,nature, history etc on two floors.  We enjoyed the art quite a bit, most of it from the 20th century.
Lunch was in the "old-new" souk at the yemeni restaurant Aden. One could eat in the colorfully decorated rooms while sitting or the more traditional way at a table. We all chose the table and enjoyed two good chicken dishes and a very yummy hamour fish with fabulous bread. good prices for good food and company

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