Friday, August 31, 2012

Quick trip to Boston and New York, August 2012

famous J. Hook's lobster roll. looks bad but was delicious.
got to meet the new "bella"

Suzanne and  Larry hosted us for a  great Sunday brunch on a lovely summer day

Sunday afternoon having fun with uncle Hank and Aunt Deb, breaking in his new digs

The Wietsmas checking out the BU buildings

access to the river front is only steps away

great gargoyle on a student pub

beer tastings at a fun pub next to Fenway

a reunion of high school friends (next post on this !)

The guys working hard to furnish the apartment

one completed projected

the great fenway park, steps from the apartment, I can't wait to go to a game. for sure, next visit.

on to peekskill to visit Mom, view of hudson from our lunch out

lunch on the hudson with wonderful cousin Daisy, Mom and Aunt Helen
Busy Boston Harbor

We watched this crazy "cliff diving" which was a diving event off the top of the museum of contemporary art. It was nuts. There was so much time on the way down to the water that the divers could do 4 or 5 tricks. 

building from where they dove. There were 6 scuba divers in the water awaiting the diver. scary.

The famous swan boats put to bed for the evening.
Spent 10 days in U.S. Was fun to fly to Boston this time as the flight is at least an hour-hour and a half shorter. hooray! Christopher and I helped Matthew furnish his apartment and get him settled for a tough first year in his doctoral program at Boston University. We had some fun along the way, lobster roll lunch, few dinners out, visited friends and relatives.  Lots of great walks in Boston, including going down to the harbor to see the "cliff diving" and I had beautiful weather all along the way.  If you want to know more:

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