Friday, August 31, 2012

a high school reunion. A perfect day and night in boston, aug 20th, 2012

beautiful mirrored reflections of glass bottles at the museum of fine arts

reflections of Kris and Kathi

awaiting Barbara!

stunning beaded cloak

African display made from various materials

i think this was a matisse if my memory still serves me. will have to look it up

spacious and colorful

the new wing designed by I. M. Pei complete with flying sculptures

hedgehog, took photo for Matthew

cool turtle, took photo for Miriam

Boston Common (or the other garden)

Yeah! Barbara arrives - straight off the Bolt bus, as cheerful as ever.

Pretty orchard display at the Taj, our "freshening up stop"

lots of ops for photos

Were any of us ever at a loss for words? No!

we chatted all the way to the harbor

 young and vibrant harbor girls

up close

farther away

friends through the ages

view from our cocktail stop

our "on the house" birthday desserts at Del Frisco's. Great seafood dinner

the party continued until breakfast at Kathi's lovely home

Kathi's gorgeous glass painted plates

Kathi was the perfect hostess

Bit by bit a wonderful day was planned and executed. Barbara, Kris, Kathi and I came together from near and far to celebrate our past and upcoming (in most cases!) 60th birthdays together, as well as to reunite for the first time in a long time with Kris.  It was a perfect day, evening and next morning. Lots of high school memories were shared and with the help of a yearbook resurrected. We started at the Museum of Fine Arts which Barbara had to miss due to the bus being late. We met up in the park, walked through downtown on the way to the Harbor,  and sat and enjoyed the perfect weather. As dusk approached we made our way over to our rooftop cocktail stop and then on to a very, nice fish dinner. The restaurant realized we were having such a good time that it must have been a special occasion. We explained the birthday celebration, as well as our re-uniting after way too many years, and they offered us a fabulous plate of varied desserts. Perfect day with the most charming and dearest of friends.  Can't wait to do it again. And you are all expected in Rome.

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