Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Venice once again july 2012

ca d'oro on the grand canal

front of frari church

lovely venice

our morning cappucio

everywhere one looks....

another grand canal view

fish capitals at the fish market

and of course what is more normal than a squid on a banister?

the bridge built for 24hours from venice across the guidecca canal to Guidecca

cousin daisy playing on the streets of giudecca

so much fun getting together with cousins Joe and Daisy in Venice

matthew, anna and nancy

people crossing the bridge

boats getting in place for the firework display


fireworks were spectacular

and what could be better than viewing them from Frank and Liesl's altana (terrrace)

our private garden in the little apartment we rented

view from our apt window, side door of frari
Scott, Matthew and I went to Venice for the weekend for the festa of the Redentore (for the history see last year's post). Once again we had a great time. How can one not in Venice with good friends? This year we had the added pleasure of having my cousin Joe and his wife Daisy there who was playing in a mini- concert of sorts on Giudecca. We also got to visit with Frank's sister Nancy. We had a fun Friday night cocktail in our private garden followed by dinner at Il carampane, Saturday we wandered the streets and fish market, lunch at Oniga, ice-cream at Grom, took Joe on a round-about walking tour to see the Scala del Bovolo, listened to Daisy play, dinner on Frank's altana, followed by the fabulous 30+ minute firework display over the Guidecca canal and a very fun walk home over the bridge with hordes of people back to hotel. Only way home from Giudecca to Venice that night is the bridge, unless you have your own boat. Sunday we walked over to see the bridge again, met Joe and Daisy and dragged them once again through the alleys and streets with us to have lunch at Vecio Fritalin (excellent). Then off in the car to the Alps. Another great Venetian weekend.

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  1. I like the squid on the banister!! heehee Looks like a lovely time :)