Monday, June 18, 2012

New York visit 2012

The Winery near my mom's house. Was a church and now a venue for concerts and food

the winery was celebrating its 100 years existence and Daisy was playing

View from my mom and aunt's apts across the Hudson-train watching

view of Hudson

East River NYC

one of my morning walks along the East River in NYC

Everyone's favorite, the Chrysler Building

We walked the High Line

Railroad tracks remain in many places along the High Line

At one point you could get a view of the Statue of Liberty

the Railroad tracks which went directly into the buildings where the trains would unload

End of High Line in Greenwich Village
A Saturday's visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. this is the American Wing

Really pretty glass display- all American made!

a beautiful Tiffany stained glass window

The new Islamic section

Some beautiful ceramics. a rooster pitcher

Lots of nice displays

wonderful calligraphy

a very pretty American made piece of glass

great staircase which I believe came from a Chicago bank

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