Monday, April 30, 2012

more of Istanbul (grand bazaar) april 14th, 2012

church of hagia irene on topkapi grounds, need special permission to go in and we always put that on our list for next time. the second ecumenical council was held here in 381 which upheld the nicene creed. church was rebuilt in 537. was used as an arsenal during ottoman period.

month of april is tulip (lale) festival in istanbul. the plantings were out of this world.

very pretty historic street just off topkapi grounds in center of town!

Scott and Boyd enjoying our lunch at the Gazientep food counter in the grand bazaar. was really good, especially the salad with the pomegranite molasses dressing.

then came the hard work, buying rugs at hasan's shop (only place to go) in the grand bazaar.  Susan in action.

we settled on this one. lovely green wheat design and I loved the square shape

hasan, scott and a helper

such great cotton towels in wonderful colors
Saturday we wandered a bit, tried to get into dolmabalce palace but line was too long. Went to the Istanbul Modern Museum instead which has a stunning setting on the Bosphorus, as for the art, I'm not much of fan of modern art and this didn't change my mind. Met up with Susan and Boyd in Grand Bazaar for a fun lunch and rug purchasing. Afterwards we wandered in the spice market as the rains started. Fun dinner that evening at Hunkar in Nishantasi neighborhood with friends, too bad it was raining, as it would have been fun to wander in that very European feel neighborhood.

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  1. Nice tulips and neat rug shop!!! Must have been tough to pick one with so many choices!!