Wednesday, April 11, 2012

easter weekend Apr 6-9th, 2012

lots of dyeing of easter eggs

temperature dropped very low on Easter Sunday, so the fire was lit. There was snow in the nearby mountains

olive trees in the sun on Pasquetta (Easter Monday)

Pasquetta dinner with more DELICIOUS chocolate
Lilacs in bloom

fruit trees in bloom

umbrian countryside - our daily view
our Easter tree

in addition to the dye the creative people painted eggs

the painters

the master egg painter
Saturday's sunset after the rain

our cute little eggs
We had a wonderful 4 day Easter weekend in the Umbrian countryside with many generations- from old to young. Weather was a bit of everything but every now and then we could get out and walk and on Monday we even dined outside in the sun. Lots of wonderful food and fun.


  1. Wow, that chocolate eggs looks amazing! Lovely photos. I can smell the lilacs!

  2. i love these inspirational pix! what device is the egg held in here


  3. Looks like fun! Cute egg holders. :D