Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 5th, 2011 The Road to Contemporary Art and Settembrini

the guys and luca, the talented sommelier from Settembrini restaurant
Settembrini Restaurant set up outdoors at the Mattatoio (old Roman slaughterhouse) for the weekend.

some of the art

and more "art"

this one I liked, made of dripped wax

performance art. this girl was sitting, laying, doing yoga type positions in the art. provided entertainment, at least

As we all know Rome is know mostly for its past. Huge strides  have been made in bringing modern and contemporary art to this city. This weekend was one of those attempts. The old slaughterhouse area (huge with big warehouse type buildings) is the perfect place for this.  Settembrini restaurant (where Christopher had worked for 4 months) set up a dining area with special menus for each weekend evening, as well as a cafe area with a buffet menu.  The menus were very creative and looked great. We would have gladly stayed and eaten at the dining area but we had another commitment so instead we enjoyed having a drink and eating at the buffet cafe area. The art wasn't exactly to my taste but was fun to see.

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