Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Another Umbrian weekend -May Day

table ready for  the birthday dinner

champagne poured

a crystal clear umbrian view

the flowering woods seen during our asparagus hunting

the  Umbrian hilltown of Todi

hard to resist taking more flower photos

In addition to the finding lots of asparagus, I can never resist picking up the porcupine quills

the poppies are starting to fill the fields

a stop at lake bracciano for lunch on way home
We had the pleasure of spending another wonderful weekend in Umbria. Saturday was Domenico's birthday and we celebrated with champagne, great food and wine and a yummy chocolate tart.   Menu included a wonderful lamb tagine made by Elizabeth. Great way to continue to enjoy the Easter lamb. Sunday was spectacular weather-wise so made for great asparagus hunting for the asparagus frittata for 9 for lunch.http://www.elizabethminchilliinrome.com/2011/05/frittata-of-wild-asparagus.html
Monday the clouds returned but lunch at the lake with friends is always a 

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  1. Wow porcupine quills! Looks fun to collect. :)