Monday, April 25, 2011

South Sinai - Sharma el Sheikh april 2011

south camp of Sinai where gulf of aqaba and red sea come  together. photo shows the area of "old Sharm".

view from our quarters, tourist dive boats heading to Sharm

Jelly fish on sand, but they don't bite
sunset view of the sinai mountains, spectacular

moon rising over the water. Came up as a big, huge reddish/orange curved object. gorgeous


Sunrise was just as beautiful. this was the view from our living room area!
beach on the camp. incredible shades of blue

lots of jellyfish seen through the water

another beautiful view from beach

and another beautiful sunset sky

lots of sand and wonderful mountains in addition to the sea. One sees the mountains on one side and the sea on the other

Great visit to the southern camp of the peacekeeping force. Had fabulous weather, warm, light breeze, cooler nights. Attended the military awards parade for one of the american battalions and we toured Sharm at night. Was nice to see that some of the tourists have returned to this area. Tourism had been way down due to the threat of sharks in Nov/Dec and then the revolution in Jan/Feb. Sharm is "over the top" in regards to restaurants/tourist shops/bars etc but the setting is spectacular.  Last time I was there, about 18 years ago, I don't believe there were any hotels to speak of and there was a dive shop or two that sold a few postcards.  That was it. Now it has become somewhat of a Las Vegas by the Red Sea.  Not really my cup of tea but a gorgeous setting none the less.

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