Saturday, April 9, 2011

horti Sallustiani walking tour March 2011

horti sallustiani, shows roman level way below current levels

inside dome similar to pantheon dome in shape
horti sallustiani entrance to main room of villa

inside main room, very high walls and ceiling

was fun to be allowed inside the horti sallustiani, a place I often walk by with closed gates. Had a very good tour, learned the detailed history. originally belonged to Julius Caesar, was eventually given over to a friend of his, Sallustio, who was more or less on the run and used that villa to protect himself. In Medieval times came into the hands of the Ludovisi and Boncampagni familes. Today it is sometimes rented out, nice space and luckily it is still here. The area it is in was in the valley between the quirinale hill and another hill (esquiline?). Up until the 19th century it was still countryside, gardens etc.

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