Friday, March 18, 2011

san gimignano, volterra (tuscany) Feb 2011

just outside the wall of san gimignano

2 of the remaining 13 (there were 76) medieval towers in san gimignano

we took refuge in the museo civico as it was raining. museum is in the 13th century town hall. this fresco is by Lippo Memmi. on second floor in the Camera del Podesta is  a lovely fresco cycle around the  theme of love. 

back courtyard of museum, umbrellas up!

we moved on to volterra after lunch in san gimignano. it was freezing, raining, some snow and windy. great conditions to visit the medieval center. no crowds to deal with. stayed inside looking at alabaster which the city is famous for and has been producing for thousands of years

Volterra main square and site of the alabaster cooperativa which was enriched by our visit

while we had been to these 2 medieval tuscan cities before, they are as beautiful as ever. Weather could have been better but the four of us (scott,me, fran, bill ) are hardy travelers.

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