Monday, March 28, 2011

Ferrara March 2011

medieval duomo with a glorious facade

inside courtyard of the palazzo municipio, if you look straight through the archway you are looking at the cathedral (duomo)

side of duomo with the loggia dei Merciai  with 15 century shops, above which is the portal of the months. The door contained the 12 months sculpted in gorgeous panels. Luckily the panels are still intact and are in the museo del duomo. they are all men portraying activities from respective months; harvesting vegetable, harvesting grapes, riding a horse etc. Museum also contained the painted doors of the church organ by cosme tura depicting st. george slaying the dragon and the annunciation. beautiful

Medieval street- via delle volte (archways)

Lunch -5 star pumpkin ravioli at the Osteria della Campana, so good and a cute place

Palazzo dei Diamanti, wonderful renaissance facade

Castle Estense belonging to the D'Este family the rulers of ferrara from 1200's-1598

Had a great day in Ferrara. Took train (hour or so) from Venice. Saw a lot including a tour of the medieval (redone) synagogues. 2 out of 4 are still surviving, although visitors can only visit 1. Ferrara welcomed the Jews when they were thrown out of Spain in 1492. It has always been a sophisticated city of learned men and the D'Este were great patrons of the Arts. We toured the centro storico and then walked all over the "renaissance" town well planned in the 15th century.  In 1995 Ferrara was declared a World Heritage Site. lots to see and absorb there, well worth a visit.

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  1. The duomo looks stunning and the pumpkin ravioli sounds yummy!!