Saturday, December 4, 2010

Rhinebeck, N.Y Sinterklaas Day Celebration

Beekman Arms hotel and restaurant, established in 1766 as a tavern/inn and has been in action ever since.  It is said to be the country's oldest continuously running hotel.

band on stilts

amanda and emily with the sinterklaas flag, this year honoring the turtle, and with their decorated birch rods symbolizing royal scepters. kids become royalty for the day

crowns made by the girls since they become the kings and queens of the day

sinterklaas stars in the background - johanna and the girls

Route 9, running through the town, was all decked with lights

dutch reformed church, established in 1731, they say the oldest functioning church in U.S.

sinterklaas on his white stallion with bishop robes, hat and scepter

people lining the parade route with their sinterklaas stars

parade - cauldron and fire

parade dragon

colorful  parade figures

Dec 6th is St. Nicolas Day and is celebrated in Holland as the day when Sinterklaas comes. Rhinebeck being settled by Dutch settlers over 300 years ago takes pride in celebrating its Dutch heritage.  The very pretty and quaint town was decorated with lovely Christmas decorations and lights. There were activities for children where they could make their own crowns and symbolic scepters since children become honored royalty for the day. After dark, Sinterklaas rides into town on his white house followed by many colorful figures, real llamas, a pipe band and much more. Paradegoers wear their crowns, carry their decorated birch branches and all the  sinterklaas large white stars light up the parade route.  It was a very cold (32 degrees) night but we endured it and had a fun day.


  1. Looks beautiful. Amanda looks like Clementine! I should tell Robin about this, I'm sure the girls would love it.