Tuesday, December 21, 2010

revealing of the lion cubs- all 7 of them!

lions coming out for the first time

both moms and cubs

very, very cute

A worried mom was very attentive to the the crowds

One of the many lovely trees in the mall
The national zoo displayed their 7 lion cubs to the press and Fonz members for the first time the other day. 4 of them were born in August and 3 in September to two different lionesses. It was in the high 30's so they weren't allowed to stay out too long. Had to be 32 degrees in order to let them out. They were officially named that day too. Their names are: john, fahari, zuri, lelei,baruti, aslan (after you know who) and lusaka.  They had previously been known as left shoulder, left hip, right shoulder, etc where they had shaved off patches of fur so they could tell them apart.  They gave a great show to the public and the moms were very concerned with all these visitors.

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