Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sharm al Sheik, Egypt: April and June 2014

 tranquil hotel beach (one of three) with dive boats parked in front. A great place to spend Easter weekend as well as a  few days in June.

a beautiful red moon rising over the Red Sea with its reflection and two boats

part of the hyatt resort where we stayed

one walkway to the hotel beach 

beautiful april flowers everywhere

 I enjoyed fresh mango juice at the beach

photos taken from the dock, water was so clear

coral as seen through the water and the next resort on the northern tip

 formations on the stones

a future fossil i suppose

all the colorful and sometimes dangerous fish in the red  sea.  we saw quite a few of them.

resort at night: moon, its reflection and two ships on water in background
view from our room  in April

lovely views everywhere
Lion Fish which destroy the coral
view from our room in June
wonderful pools for swimming laps
town of Sharm al Sheik, south of the resort at top of photo
another fish you need to avoid. a manta ray which was in about 1 foot of water. was covered with yellow spots and an amazing blue tail.
Surgeon fish, pretty colors but one of them bit Scott
one way to reach the beach

another one of the  pools

Sharm al Sheik, Egypt is a resort on the Red Sea very close to the bottom tip of the Sinai Peninsula. Lucky for me Scott's organization has one of their camps very close to Sharm (they were there way before the resort hotels were built). Sharm is known for its fabulous diving spots.  Every morning we watched the invasion of  the white dive boats, hordes of them, out on the water by 8 a.m. The sea is a many shades of gorgeous blues, the temperature of the water a bit cool in the morning but warmed up during the day and it was full of lots of amazing, colorful fish. A great place to spend some time whether one has to go to work or just to relax.

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