Sunday, August 11, 2013

More of Innsbruck, Austria and Sterzing/Vipiteno, Italy

Innsbruck (on the river Inns)



lovely wrought iron signs everywhere. this was one of many.

i loved looking past all the buildings and always seeing the mountains
pretty frescoes on some buildings

St Christopher is very popular in northern Europe

one of main streets in Sterzing. Sterzing has been inhabited since
prehistoric times and the Romans were there in the 4th century. In the 1500's it was a very wealthy town due to the production of silver.

great wooden chandelier in the town hall of sterzing

colorful, clean and neat Sterzing

Sterzing with mountains in the background

detail of  a  "Last Judgement in church of Santo Spirito, Sterzing

the damned in hell, including popes and bishops in this great fresco. painted by Giovanni da Brunico 1400-1415.

main altar was also frescoed. really fun church to stumble upon

pretty balcony in sterzing

a look through the gate to main street

tower gate "Tower of  the Twelve" to one of two main streets, built between 1468-72. marks the old and new towns. Upper part is from 1800's as the original was destroyed in a fire.

Sterzing is known for its production of yogurt which is sold all over Italy

 The very large church of  Maddonna delle Palude,  (madonna of the Swamp) with the gothic main altar,. rest of church was baroque. Largest church between verona and munich they say.

a very small  part of the outside of the church
 on our way back from the day trip to Innsbruck we stopped in Sterzing/Vipiteno which is in Italy. Lovely town with two great churches, a great wooden town hall dating to 15th century, some very pretty architecture and two fun shopping streets all surrounded by the mountains. Well worth the stop.

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