Sunday, June 9, 2013

Umbrian and Tuscan weekday get away, June 2013

arrived in Umbria in the fog and the rain

gorgeous view from a wet terrace 

next day was brighter  with morning fog

 good day for trip to the tuscan countryside. View  from san casciano dei bagni

San Casciano dei Bagni

lovely medieval scenes in the town

not sure this is an inviting door front  

hard not to take endless photos of the views
was great to have a nice soak in the thermal baths at San Casciano

Friday's view from Elizabeths' with sunlight

such lovely roses
my morning flower arrangement

Friday's day trip to deruta

too many lovely designs to choose from

 Tuscan pancetta (bacon) and wild asparagus we foraged in the fields, which became our toppings for our evening bruschetta.

 Saturday's flower arrangement

a cow with no legs I guess! A deruta purchase

and another purchase


  1. Did you buy that legless cow? I guess he must already be a purse.

    1. yeah, he is now in our house but in your spooky nightmares I guess he has turned into a purse.