Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Languedoc, France May Day

market day in Clermont- L'herault. a great plate of sausages and potatoes

local asperge

Really lovely fortified  church of St. Paul in clermont-l'herault, located next to market

May Day calls for lilies of the valley, those and tulips are my favorites. Was very pretty to see it everywhere and  it was being sold in bunches as well as just one or two sprigs.

Inside of church. fun to see gothic all the time instead of Baroque.

so elegant, the ceilings and windows

the rose window

On to the Lac du Salagou. lovely red clay hills, green expanses of lawn and lots of wildflowers and water

a quick stop on the way to the lake at the wonderful square in Salasc

Map of lake and surrounding areas. One never runs out of places to go.

Rain had stopped, sun was out with some great fluffy clouds and a bit windy. Good day for our May Day picnic at the lake.

The abandoned town  on the shores of the lake. When the lake was made  the town was left as a ruin.

There is one inhabitant, the mayor who lives here. 

our picnic, doesn't look gourmet but it was

The well fed and lazy boys

hard not to keep photographing

patches and patches of irises
Our evening white wine was Arrogant Frog at the Cote Mas winery. It was delicious.

inside of cote mas winery restaurant

I ordered a wonderful healthy salad

some kind of soup

Seared tuna

loved the thyme sprig with its flower
 May Day was the day to visit the lake with our picnic from what we purchased at the morning market. We explored the area and then drove on to visit the lovely town of Pezenas. Dinner was lots of fun at a local winery "cote mas" which produces many, many kinds of wine. They have recently opened a restaurant on their premises with a Japanese, French trained, chef. Dinner was wonderful. They serve only their own wines and have a great policy of  marking up all wines by only 5 Euro. A glass of wine was 2 euro. Was a wonderful dinner and evening after another very busy day.
broom in bloom at the lake

hiking at the lake

Pezenas medieval room

very elegant

same medieval building

pezenas has great stores. fun ceramic store selling a lot of tagine dishes

Pezenas was filled with lovely scenes

pezenas street scene

great winding staircase

stone store front for a fun cookie store

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