Thursday, November 15, 2012

walking tour rome villa patrizi oct 2012

main entrance of the villa patrizi, recently restored to its original color

family coat of arms, 3 bars represented 3 different roman families

very elaborately decorated rooms

wooden ceiling decoration

murano fruit basket

villa has a famous  china  collection

painting by Lucas Cranach the elder (16th century)

part of their hundreds of pieces of meissen china collection

some of the china place settings, plates had different  bird decorations on them

 Meissen china collection displayed

very pretty "tuscan" style room

papal flag before it became the yellow/white one. this is an original .

cool lamp in the wooden study room

copies of massaccio paintings inside a cabinet

another hidden door

pretty stained glass which looked out onto san luigi dei francesi church

facade of church of San Luigi dei Francesi seen from the villa patrizi

massaccio painting in one of the wooden cabinets

We were privileged to have had  a private tour of the Palazzo Patrizi by the owner Marchese Corso Patrizi himself. The original building was  built by Carlo Moderno in 1596. The marquises of Patrizi, who were originally from Siena but were related to noble Roman families, bought the palace in 1642 and made major renovations. Two members of the family were keen art collectors.  Many of the family paintings are on display. 
  The tour was of the 2nd floor rooms  of the Patrizi family. The Marchese was very gracious and forthcoming and it was an educational and entertaining morning. They do rent out the space on ocassion for small groups.

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  1. This family is one of those a 17th Century BO would have wanted taxed into mediocrity. Such splendor would have no place in the US today except in the homes of the bureaucratic elite -- you know, the 37 czars among others. The Palazzo Patizi is actually not de-humanizing so would not work as a government building present-day political DC.

    Ah, sic transit gloria mundi.