Monday, February 20, 2012

a moroccan dinner- Feb 18th, 2012

dinner of Lamb Tagine and Mint Tea with dessert

 Dessert: Dates from Doha ,  Italian carnivale masks chocolate, and french chocolates

table is set

 Dessert: Moroccan oranges with cinnamon and rose water

our side dish or parsley prior to cooking

side dish of eggplant (Zaalouk)

Appetizer: mouhamara (red peppers and walnuts)

my Valentine flowers

our "welcome" drink - a prosecco/hibiscus cocktail


Lamb Tagine, couscous, parsley and eggplant and mouhamara

lamb tagine (tasted a lot better than it looks!)

cooked parsley
Scott and I cooked a fun and yummy Moroccan dinner on Saturday night for friends. Came out great and was enjoyed by all


  1. Yum! When are you doing an encore??

  2. Looks delicious!! Especially the mouhamara and dessert. Cool idea for the oranges!