Tuesday, October 25, 2011

An Umbrian fall weekend oct 21-23, 2011

it's really fall

newly purchased goat cheeses from our visit to a great goat cheese making farm just outside Orvieto

great wooden barn filled with ...goats

happy and friendly goats

the "stagionato" (aged) goat cheeses. young couple has taken on this endeavor and have been producing a small production of cheeses for two years now.

our purchases all wrapped up so pretty

another friendly fellow

view of entire town of orvieto

a very fruitful quince tree and we enjoyed really yummy stewed quinces

cavolo nero in the garden, my favorite

such a great view to wake up to, low lying clouds among the hills

the garden of the giant cabbages

looks like pears but it isn't, don't remember the name of this exotic fruit

had the great pleasure of biting into one of these and it was fall in one bite! delicious

freshly harvested lettuce from the wonderful garden
a weekend with friends at their fabulous umbrian abode. Perfect fall weather, gorgeous views, energetic walks, some wood chopping making larger logs into "boutique pieces of wood",  fabulous meals which came from a weekend of living off the land! what could be better?


  1. You got MUCH better goat photos than me. Mine are mostly blurry. Those little goaties move too fast.

  2. I didn't know you were Kipsadventures! So glad I found you.