Sunday, September 11, 2011

tuscany aug 2011 - poppi and stia

castle dei Conti Guidi in Poppi

covered streets of Poppi

Poppi walkway

a tuscan view from town of Poppi

inside Poppi's castle, castle is datable back to 1191 and possibly much earlier as the Guidi family dates back before that time.

great staircases and loggia in castle, castle was never sacked or ruined

Poppi Castle from a distance

lovely medieval church in Stia, dating to mid 12th century

Byzantine capital in church

pretty town of Stia which is known for its wool. 
Had the good fortune to spend some more time in the casentino valley in Tuscany in August at the invitation of a good friend. I was able to explore the lovely towns of Poppi and Stia which are well worth spending time in.  Stia was known from the 14th century for its wool trade. the wool mill and factory have now been turned into a museum. Town itself is quite charming.

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