Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween in Tunisia - a day trip to dougga and bulla regia

Roman Site in Dougga, the locals wander through the site doing their work

one of the few remaining mosaic in situ in dougga

a wonderful arch of settimo severus, seemed pretty precarious (dougga)

dougga mosaic

roman temple dougga
mosaic in basement level of roman house bulla regia
street leading to roman 2 story houses in bulla regia (only basement level story is preserved)
lovely peacock mosaic bulla regia
floor mosaic bulla regia
ground level of roman houses, most of the preserved mosaics were in the basement. the second story of these houses has been lost
theatre bulla regia
bath complex at bulla regia

our halloween cookies with a wonderful mint tea dougga
great roman amphitheater dougga
view from top of theatre, lovely rolling countryside (dougga)

one of the in-situ mosaics in the basement level of a roman house
bullia regia

bulla regia

great bear mosaic in theatre at bulla regia

we hired a car/driver for the 2 hour ride to dougga and then one hour ride to bulla regia, which is only about 40 km from the algerian border. the drive was lovely, reminded me of the hills of umbria and tuscany. tons of olive groves and more pomegranite groves than I have ever seen.  ride from dougga to bulla regia was gorgeous in some spots, we climbed in altitude and the landscape was more barren, fewer trees but very pretty.  both sites are well worth visiting. dougga is much larger and very intact. bulla regia is known for the in-situ mosaics which probably should be removed and put in a museum. a great trip.


  1. I like the peacock mosaic and ruins of Roman houses. :) Looks like a fun Halloween!